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In english

Risk education for car drivers are riskettan and halkbanan.
The purpose of this education is to provide a greater insight into risks, the kinds of behavior in traffic that can lead to high risk situations and also to describe how these situations can be avoided.

Part 1, riskettan: concerns alcohol, other drugs, fatigue and high risk behaviour in general. Book part 1 here !

Part 2, halkbanan: concerns speed, safety and driving i special conditions, ice and snow. Contact us for more information and booking!

When you complete the second part of the risk education you should be close to taking your driver test. The reason for this is that great demands are made of your driving experience, judgment, assessment and perception of various traffic situations.
Risk educations is valid for five years, but the period of validity expires the day the licence is issued.

We can offer you driving lessons in english with Åsa, Marcus, Christian and Michael. All the theory, books and test can be purcased in english.